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State and federal governments have issued – and continue to issue – guidance to the insurance industry regarding the impact of COVID-19.

COVID-19: State and Federal Insurance Developments is a comprehensive report that provides a state-by-state and nationwide analysis of key issues facing the insurance industry. The report was compiled as of July 31, 2020, by McDermott’s Insurance Transactions and Regulation Group and focuses on property/casualty, life, and accident and health coverages, but does not include major medical. If you have questions regarding the greatly-diminished but ongoing state activity after July 31, please contact your regular McDermott relationship attorney to discuss any particular needs.

Download the July 31, 2020, complimentary report now for summary of state-by-state and federal COVID-19 guidance, including:

  • Requests or suggestions to relax premium payments, underlying policy qualification requirements and other optional notices
  • Mandatory non-payment moratorium/waivers and other mandates
  • Data calls
  • Business continuity/disaster response plans
  • Claims processing
  • Business Interruption/Civil Authority and related Data Calls
  • Travel Insurance
  • And other issues

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