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State and federal governments have issued – and continue to issue – guidance to the insurance industry regarding the impact of COVID-19.

COVID-19: State and Federal Insurance Developments is a comprehensive report that provides a state-by-state and nationwide analysis of key issues facing the insurance industry. The report is compiled and continually updated by McDermott’s Insurance Transactions and Regulation Group and focuses on property/casualty, life, and accident and health coverages, but does not include major medical.

Download the complimentary report now for summary of state-by-state and federal COVID-19 guidance, including:

  • Requests or suggestions to relax premium payments, underlying policy qualification requirements and other optional notices
  • Mandatory non-payment moratorium/waivers and other mandates
  • Data calls
  • Business continuity/disaster response plans
  • Claims processing
  • Business Interruption/Civil Authority and related Data Calls
  • Travel Insurance
  • And other issues

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